Why Choose David?

A tempting notion sometimes arises with business owners: Why don’t I handle the sale of my business myself? Sellers with similar temptations should consider the necessary steps for the successful business sale, (The Sale Process) along with the benefits of taking those steps in tandem with the best possible professional guidance.

With my experience and assistance you will:

Benefit from the experience of someone who has done this many times before
Trial and error takes time, and can lead to mistakes.  As a Certified Business Intermediary I have proven professional excellence through verified transaction experience, education and training. My 30 years of experience keeps the transaction on course.

Obtain an objective assessment of the value of your business and the best price
A business valuation is more than a scientific approach; it’s an art, utilizing a blend of industry, financial and current market conditions to determine the fair market value for your business. Entering the market with a price that won’t attract serious buyers or qualify for bank financing will waste your time. However, in most cases, I will obtain a selling price that exceeds what the seller can obtain on their own.

Keep your business identity confidential
Because I work on a confidential basis, the entire community of customers, suppliers, and employees does not know the business is for sale. I do not use multiple listings to promote a business for sale. Before any confidential information is released about a business, the buyer completes and signs a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Business showings are pre-arranged at a confidential setting.

Meet with pre-qualified buyers so you are not wasting your time with tire kickers or curiosity seekers
I pre-qualify potential buyers so that pre-arranged business showings are only with the most qualified buyers. About one out of 50 people who call about a business opportunity is serious enough to eventually buy a business. Your time is more valuable managing your business than chasing down would-be buyers.

Work with a professional who will manage and coordinate multiple potential buyers at the same time
My associates at The Paragon Group and I can market your business to multiple buyers with our expertise, allowing you to focus on managing your business, which is your expertise. 

Be free to run your business while I work full time at selling your business 
The importance of growing revenues and profits during the time a business is on the market is critical to buyers. Sellers cannot afford to take their eyes off the road.

Receive the benefits of professional experience in negotiating terms, including price, non competition covenants, deal structure, payment terms, management contracts, and etc.
There are many nuances of a deal; I will walk both the seller and the buyer through the various steps necessary for a successful transaction.

Selling Your Most Valuable Asset

 The Sale Process

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