Selling Your Most Valuable Asset

The process of selling a business begins with understanding the realities involved in today’s market. The first step is getting educated on what is necessary to sell your business. Your business is perhaps your most valuable asset. For you to receive the best market value, several key administrative and protective measures listed below must be in place for a smooth transaction.

My commitment as a professional Business Intermediary is to assist and advise you in the following key areas:

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Guide you through complex options and strategies so you make the best possible decision
  • Pre-qualify buyers that will derive the greatest value from the acquisition
  • Educate both seller and buyer on financing options
  • Utilize confidential marketing strategies
  • Coordinate and facilitate both parties through the transaction
  • Negotiate and understand concerns of the parties
  • Permit sellers to continue focusing on running their business

The sale process is complex. It demands an experienced business intermediary advisor coordinating the buyer seller relationship.  You can Expect Experience with me; my goal is too ethically, confidentially, and professionally bring everyone to an agreeable position at the closing table.

The Sale Process

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