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My business intermediary service provides confidential, professional services to facilitate the process of a successful business sale transaction. I work with individual investor/buyers, (some who are purchasing their first business), strategic buyers who are looking for scalable business opportunities, and private equity groups who are looking for acquisitions that align with their portfolio objectives.

If you are an individual investor/buyer, it’s important to keep an open mind while searching for a business that will fit your needs, talents, skills and desired lifestyle. There are many different types of businesses to consider. Many buyers purchase a business that is different than what they initially were considering. My experience helps sort through the sometimes confusing and complex information involved in the process. I encourage you to read; The Buying Process and What to Look for on the following pages.

If you are a strategic buyer or a private equity group I understand the importance of identifying business opportunities based on your specific acquisition and investment criteria. My years of networking in the Arizona market have resulted in an extensive database of relationships with business owners in a broad range of industries. Once I have an overview of your investment criteria, I conduct a direct search campaign to those approaching their timeline to sell. Many of the best acquisition opportunities are companies that are not on the market but could be available to a strong buyer whose strategic interest aligns with the business owners exit goals.

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The Buying Process

What to Look For