Exit Planning Advisory Services

If you are ready to begin your successful exit strategy whether it is six months, one year or five years from now, thoughtful planning is the key to a financially strong, smooth business transition to a new owner. My advisory services will help you develop an accountable timeline to plan your exit strategy including the critical steps to maximize the financial return for the years of hard work and capital you have invested in your business.

Planning an exit strategy will help you better prepare your business before entering the marketplace. Planning will also create a strategy designed for your needs. I will help you look at important issues in a sale and make necessary adjustments to achieve maximum value when you are ready to sell.
An overview of services includes:

  • Perform a confidential business review of what your business is worth today
  • Work with you to understand your financial goals
  • Identify the “value drivers” and “value detractors” of your business and strategies to enhance them
  • Develop action plans to strengthen your company appeal
  • Consult with your financial and legal advisors
  • Create a timeline with periodic reviews

The cost is included in the Business Brokerage commission, if an exclusive listing is entered into. If not, then I’ll provide a quote for such services.


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