The Sale Process

Most business owners are very skilled at building and operating their business; however, knowing how to sell a business is often unfamiliar territory. That’s where my experience comes in. As a Certified Business Intermediary my primary function is to manage the steps in the sale process and assist all parties involved to make your sale a lucrative and satisfying success.

The outline below describes the steps that will be taken when working with me on the sale of your business.

  • Profiling & Valuing the business
  • Gather pertinent information to establish the market value
  • Prepare the market valuation
  • Prepare the listing agreement
  • Pre-qualify the business for financing
  • Prepare a confidential marketing prospectus
  • Target buyer types interested in the business
  • Pre-qualify buyers with genuine interest in your type of business
  • Require prospective buyers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Assist buyers when necessary with a pre-qualification SBA lending process
  • Prepare professional documentation to market the business
  • Advertise confidentially through strategic resources and through our network
  • Coordinate Confidential Business Showings
  • Presentation of the business’ financial and marketing documents
  • Coordinate meetings with seller and prospective buyer
  • Coordinate confidential showings of business
  • Facilitate ongoing communication with buyer, financial and legal advisors
  • Coordinate seller and buyer communication during business review process
  • Provide ongoing updated information on the developments of the sale negotiating the business sale transaction
  • Facilitate negotiation of sales agreement
  • Present the offer
  • Draft the purchase contract for all parties’ review
  • Facilitate the due diligence process between parties
  • Facilitate closing the transaction

 Selling Your Most Valuable Asset

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